For over thirty years Godson & Coles have been sourcing outstanding English furniture and works of art. The pieces of furniture they offer are chosen for their authenticity, exceptional design, quality of craftsmanship and untouched patination.

The Modern British Art they specialise in, ranges across the leading figures of British abstract expressionists from the mid-twentieth century. Works range from Dame Barbara Hepworth and Sir Terry Frost to William Scott and Alan Davie and many others.

Godson & Coles has its own very distinctive approach to combining the modern and the antique and have helped advise clients from all over the world, either to acquire individual key items for their homes or to form entire collections with many pieces being acquired by museums across the globe.

Whether you are interested in acquiring an antique piece of furniture or modern art, or perhaps both, Godson & Coles are always glad to help with advice on what works best within the parameters of a given environment. As every space is different, they are happy to give their clients the opportunity to observe a piece in situ to see how it enhances the environment, which can help give a much clearer idea without any obligation.

Their distinctive approach also enables them to co-operate with interior designers worldwide who can then maximise a property's full potential.

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