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For many years Godson & Coles have been combining the best of 18th century English furniture with great examples of abstract expressionist art from the middle of the 20th century. This particular combination is unique to them.

«It is extraordinary when works of art from the different centuries are combined, the resulting dynamic between the two can be quite profound.»

The two genres are not quite as disparate as they might seem and it is not entirely surprising as they problems facing designers and craftsmen in the 18th century was very similar to problems facing the groundbreaking artists of the 20th century. Both were essentially faced with an entirely blank canvas. All truly innovative artists were constantly questioning and refining their work. The craftsmen of the 18th century were consistently revising their designs, creating entirely new styles that were completely innovative and quite unlike anything that had been seen before, and which resulted in work of supreme quality and of unique artistic merit. This of course is far more challenging than the mere plagiarism of the later copyist and results in ‘first generation’ of English furniture having an energy and brilliance that later copies never have. It is precisely this quality that the true connoisseur strives hard to find.

So too the groundbreaking work of the leading abstract expressionists have an authentic energy, a confidence that at the time was quite revolutionary. They too were constantly questioning, refining and exploring new ideas. Both artists were creating an entirely new visual language and the truly authentic work will have this unmistakable energy. It is almost as if these creative energies bounce off each other creating a fascinating dynamic.

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